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Retirement is changing, and we’re living longer, more active lives. Thanks to the Pension Freedom rules you now have more options than ever for creating the lifestyle you want in retirement … so seeking independent pension advice is critical to making the choices right for you.

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Expert pension advice     

Pension rules have changed. Talking with an expert independent pension adviser can help you make the most of the opportunities you now have, including the most tax efficient ways to fund your retirement income.

Want to retire earlier? 

After we’ve modelled their financial future, some people find they can afford to retire earlier than they thought possible. Equally, we find others have to make some changes to achieve their ideal retirement. Our expert independent pension advisers give you the facts so you can make the best decisions for you.

Securing your dream retirement   

Like many people, you may have different pension pots in different places. Some may be performing better than others. Others could have higher charges. Through a complete review, our independent pension advisers make certain your money is arranged in the right way to give you the retirement you really want.


Making the most of your life  

Life isn’t a rehearsal, so each day counts. The faster you get expert advice, the quicker you can relax knowing you have a clear path forward.


Do you want to know how much money you will need for a secure and comfortable retirement? We take a look at how to plan ahead.


Bill Ward, Financial Planner

Already Retired?

If you are already retired, we can help you manage your money so that you can get the comfortable life you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Looking at tax-efficiency 

Perhaps you are starting to use your retirement savings. If so, how you are accessing your pension funds can impact on the tax you pay. We can help you maximise the value of your pension with a variety of tax efficient solutions.

Safeguarding your legacy  

Looking after the next generation may be of great importance to you. We can help safeguard your wealth, if after you’ve gone you don’t want to leave your loved ones with a large inheritance tax bill.

Pensions are a long-term investment. You may get back less than you put in.

Pensions can be and are subject to tax and regulatory change; therefore, the tax treatment of pension benefits can and may change in the future.

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