Meet David & Helen


Meet David & Helen

Retirement & Financial Planning Clients

David and Helen approached Parkgate when David turned 50, which was a lightbulb moment for the couple. They had built up a successful business over the years and their thoughts were now turning to their retirement. They love going on holidays and wanted a plan to make sure that they could afford their quality of lifestyle in retirement. Gareth Higton is their financial planner.

What made you seek advice?

“We were getting to that point in our lives when we knew we needed to address our retirement planning, but had kept putting it off. David then came up to his 50th birthday, which was a bit of an awakening for us that we were getting closer to retirement age and knew that we now needed to get some professional advice. Parkgate and a few other firms were recommended to us. We had seen some other advisers but weren’t comfortable with them, you have to be comfortable with your adviser. Then we met Gareth and he just gelled with us. We didn’t wanted to be sold to and Gareth has helped us to make informed decisions about our planning. He has got to know us and what we want and can see us through until well into our retirement”.

What’s been the biggest benefit of working with Gareth?

“David had worked in various organisations during his career and has a mishmash of pensions, none of which added up to anything, so we wanted to do something about that. Aside from tracing David’s old pensions and amalgamating them, we now have a clear pathway to our retirement in 10 years’ time. We have a really clear idea of what we’d like to do when we’re retired. We love our holidays and want to do things before it’s too late. We wanted to know how much we should invest to achieve our retirement goals, and the forward-planning software that Gareth used was a real eye-opener. It enabled us to visualise various scenarios, the visualisation of that was really good.

From day one the communication has been fantastic. We like to be kept informed and feel that Gareth is always there for you, at the end of the phone or email”.

How has Gareth made a difference to your lives?

“It’s that sense of security we’ve now got. We have a really clear idea of how we’d like to live in retirement and thanks to Gareth we have now got a 10 year plan to make sure that we can afford that lifestyle when the time comes. We wanted someone we can trust to do the right things for us and then not have to think about it. Before we had that niggly feeling, knowing we needed to address it. Now it’s all done and we don’t have to think about it anymore, we’re confident you’ll do the right things and we can just enjoy our quality of life”.

The value of pensions and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

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