Meet Shaun & Jemma

Meet Shaun & Jemma

Mortgage Advice Clients

Shaun and Jemma were first-time buyers. They were renting a two-bedroomed flat while they saved for a deposit for their first home.

They needed a mortgage and were referred to Carl by a friend who was also a client. They really liked Carl’s approach, so much so that Shaun has now recommended Carl to his mum, when she was looking for mortgage advice!


What made you seek mortgage advice?

“We were first-time buyers renting a flat. We had saved up enough for a deposit to buy our first home, but didn’t have a clue what we were doing. A friend had recently gone through the same process, so he recommended Carl to us”.

How has Carl made a difference to your lives?

“Carl has made a huge difference to our lives, because he helped us to buy our first home! We’ve gone from living in a top-floor two-bedroomed flat with no balcony, to a four-bed house with a garden. We managed to get it all sorted just before the Coronavirus pandemic started. Things could have been very different, but fortunately it’s turned out well for us. We’ve now got a lovely new home and with the weather being nice we’ve been able to sit out in the garden, during the time of the Coronavirus Lockdown”.

What has been the biggest benefit of working with Carl?

“We really liked Carl’s approach. He gave us a step-by-step roadmap of what to do next. If he wasn’t there, we would have had to do a lot of research on our own. He gave us reassurance and took us through the whole process of getting a mortgage. It was all new to us, whereas he’s done it so many times before. Plus he’s a nice guy, so that helps!

“He presented our options but didn’t push us in any direction. We approached him before we found the house which was a good thing, because he was really clear on what our monthly payments would be at the top end of our budget.

“I’ve recommended Carl to my mum and she also likes how he gets straight to the point. It’s complicated enough buying a house so it’s nice to have someone who makes it all clear”.

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