Meet Vicky & Ian

Meet Vicky & Ian

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Vicky and Ian had various pension pots and a previous financial adviser. When he retired, he passed them onto Gareth. Vicky and Ian were recently given a good opportunity to live abroad in Cyprus with Vicky’s parents, so Gareth did some cashflow modelling to show them their options and help them plan for their financial future. Thanks to Gareth’s financial planning the couple are now about to retire from full-time work, earlier than they thought possible, and are on their way to a new, more chilled out life in Cyprus. Gareth Higton is their financial planner.


Here’s their story:


What made you seek advice?

‘’We had various pension pots and a previous financial adviser. When he retired, he passed us onto Gareth, that’s how we met. We were then given a good opportunity to live abroad in Cyprus at Vicky’s parent’s villa, and Gareth’s approach was all about how we wanted to live our lives.

Gareth did some cashflow modelling to look at our options and we then had a real ‘lightbulb’ moment!  When we had dealt with our previous adviser, he looked at our pensions as an annual income, not a lumpsum, the way Gareth does. So, in our planning, we didn’t include our pensions because we didn’t understand it all. We couldn’t get it out of our heads that we needed to stay on the property ladder. We needed a third party to help us; we couldn’t have done this alone. If we hadn’t met Gareth, we wouldn’t have understood how we could put it all together and use our property and our pensions to live the life we really want.’’

What’s been the biggest benefit of working with Gareth?

‘‘Realising that we had more capital to spend than we thought! We’ve gone from thinking we’d be living on bread and rice, to buying a boat in Cyprus! I worked in HR and even I didn’t realise this. We wouldn’t have known this without Gareth and the cashflow modelling software he used, and his approach to it, which is all about how we want to live our lives’’.

How has Gareth made a difference to your lives?

‘’We can now retire earlier than we thought and enjoy our lives, instead of rattling around a big house living life but not contented. Now we can do some special things along the way. It’s not just all about us though, we can now also help our kids get onto the property ladder, which we wouldn’t have been able to do before; we’re now able to help set them up for their future too, which makes us very happy. The future looks bright, we can see the world, chill out in Cyprus and the kids can visit some beautiful locations, so we can holiday and explore together’’.

The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

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