Meet John & Sheena

Meet John & Sheena

Retirement & Financial Planning Clients

John decided to take redundancy and needed financial advice on the redundancy package he’d been offered. Sheena was already a client, so they knew they could trust the firm. Lee Travis was appointed their financial planner and helped them to look at their options. As a result of the cashflow modelling of their financial future that Lee did, John has now retired, and Sheena has just joined him, both of them 2 years earlier than they thought possible.

Here’s their story:


How has Lee helped you?

‘‘John decided to take redundancy and was given a redundancy package, so we really needed financial guidance on that. Lee helped us a lot by looking at our options to decide the best course of action. It was the biggest decision of my life to stop working and we really needed someone we could trust to bounce ideas off and know that we were going in the right direction. I had worked at the same place for 39 years, but once the finances were worked out and after being on furlough for 9 months, made me realise that we wanted to make the most of our lives. Sheena works for the NHS, but seeing John get the wheels in motion to retire made her think of doing it. It was a big decision – should I or shouldn’t I stop working. But Lee did the cashflow modelling and said I could retire now if I wanted to. We’ve got a dog called Millie and we’re looking forward to going on walking holidays with her here in this country. We’re also booked to go abroad to Venice, and we’ve now got the freedom to go when we want to go.’’

What’s been the biggest benefit of working with Lee?

‘‘In one word, it’s trust. We know that we can rely on Lee to look after our financial affairs. It’s nice to know that someone is keeping an eye on our finances and if we’ve got any questions, Lee gets back to us straight away. We really liked the cashflow modelling that Lee did because we could see that we’ll be alright, even if I retired earlier – we can keep the house and still be in the green – we could actually see in the graph that we’ll be OK! We didn’t want to work all our lives and then find out we’ve made the wrong decision; we wanted reassurance and needed to know that we’d be alright if I left my job. It’s also having someone see what we can’t see – Lee has done the most tax-efficient things, which we wouldn’t have known how to do.’’

How has Lee made a difference to your lives?

‘’It’s the peace of mind, and by looking at our options, Lee has helped us to make the most of our life. We can now just get on with making the most of our days, without having to think about it all the time. It doesn’t prey on my mind and keep me awake at night, because we’ve got peace of mind now’’.

The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

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